Announcing White Raven Chronicles!

I have amazing news for you today.

For as long as I’ve been writing, I’ve dreamed of having my own publishing house. Nothing fancy, just something that belonged to me and was passionate about the same topics as I am. A place where I can tell the stories I want to tell and build a community of like-minded readers, writers, and professionals.

Today, that’s becoming reality! I’m so happy to announce White Raven Chronicles, a publishing imprint owned & operated by myself and my life partner, Alexander Rousseau, as well as our best friend, Makena Bennett.
White Raven Chronicles is dedicated to telling the tales of the everyman & woman, to breaking moulds and established boundaries to create a new world of adventure and magic through storytelling. Our stories do not conform and neither do we. Today, we are beginning our press with our fantasy imprint, Dragon’s Hoard, but we plan on expanding into other genres in the future.

While you know me for writing the Yokai Calling Series, I have so many more books in store for you over the next couple of years. My already-established Yumihari World is nowhere near complete, and you can expect dozens—if not hundreds—of more books. I’ll talk more about my plans specifically for Yumihari over the coming weeks and months.

Other planned books and series a part of White Raven Chronicles will break away from what you’re used to both in genre and world. I want to explore as many facets of fantasy as possible!

One such example is The Mists of Arathia, the prequel to the Lunar Insurrection series that Alex and I are working on together. If you were keeping an eye on the Inkfort Press Publishing Derby, you might recognize this book from the contest!
This is the first new book officially published under White Raven Chronicles. To show you a taste of what’s coming, you can download The Mists of Arathia for free until the end of today (ending at approx 11:59 PM Pacific, 2:59 Eastern) on Amazon or through Kindle Unlimited.

Check it out here if you haven’t already!

The Mists of Arathia is a short LitRPG/Isekai novella about a woodsman named Reynar and his crew of villagers whose lives changed when the Mists arrived, turning their familiar world into a foreign one filled with levels, stats, and skills. Although this story is not an isekai in the traditional sense, it’s a fun adventure that just about anyone can enjoy, even if you’re not usually a fan of LitRPG (stats and numbers don’t play a huge role in the story yet, although they will be more important in the sequels).

The Mists of Arathia, and the Lunar Insurrection series as a whole, are written to be bite-sized stories that build up the world, characters, and their quest as a greater whole over the course of many smaller novellas. Currently we have 6 books planned for the first arc of the series, all to be completed by the middle of next year. While each book will build on each other as a series naturally does, we will also create them as self-contained adventures that can be read and enjoyed individually of each other.

In essence, we are treating these novellas like a serialization—you can expect ten or so chapters per month, every month. But unlike many serials, it’s a complete story every single time. We hope that this way, even if you aren’t a big reader of serialized stories, you can learn to love these books as you would a regular novel.

We will be working on Lunar Insurrection until we run out of story to tell. Which we hope is not for a long time! The first six books are just the beginning—like I said, the first arc of the story we want to tell. Ideally, we want this adventure to be one that we can work on together, between the readers & the writers. Is there a part of the world you want to see explored? We’ll do it! Are there certain quests you want our protagonists to go out in pursuit of? We’ll do it!

We want the Lunar Insurrection series to be engaging and fun in more ways than one—but I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll be revisiting that last part in a few weeks, once we’re more established.

What does White Raven Chronicles and the Lunar Insurrection Series mean for the Yokai Calling Series & my future books?

The Yokai Calling books are being updated as new editions and will now have White Raven Chronicles as the publisher. As part of the new editions, all of the books are getting new covers! Yay! You’ve already seen the shiny covers for the Yokai Calling Series Omnibus (now on pre-order) and the new one for Spirit of the Dragon, but soon The Dragon’s Eye, A Dragon’s Sight, and Blood of Dragons will all have new covers, too. They will be released over the next couple of months as the art is completed. 

The 3rd editions of Spirit of the Dragon and The Dragon’s Eye come out on Nov 15th, which I will be talking more about next week in my newsletter. My next project is the Wyvern Wars series and the novellas that bridge the gap between Yokai Calling and Wyvern Wars, where the first book, Path of the Warlock, takes place several years after the conclusion of Blood of Dragons.

There will be more news about these novellas and Wyvern Wars around Nov 30th, after the release of the Yokai Calling series Omnibus and the updated editions of SotD and TDE.

While I will be spending time working on the Lunar Insurrection series, this won’t take away from books in the Yumihari World. The Lunar Insurrection series is a fun collaborative project that will be balanced between and contributed to by multiple people, mainly me and Alex. I’ll discuss more of how the collaboration process is going to work between us at a later date, but for now, know that you’re in trusted hands!

The Mists of Arathia is Alex’s first published book, but he is an experienced storyteller, taking inspiration for this series from his experience as a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons. He and I have worked together on other projects in the past and we are super excited to be finally bringing one of those collaborations out into the light!

You can expect to hear about from me every month about the newest installment in the Lunar Insurrection series, and these releases will fill the gaps between my releases for the longer books as part of the Yumihari World.

Although we are just starting White Raven Chronicles, we are charging full steam ahead. While right now we are just working on more Yumihari World novels and the Lunar Insurrection novellas, we do have several more series in the planning stages. We hope to have more amazing writers and stories on board that I can introduce you to soon.

In the meantime, I highly suggest you check out The Mists of Arathia while it’s free. Downloading the book or taking it out on Kindle Unlimited helps give us a boost while we’re starting out, even if you don’t have time to read it right away.

And if you read & love the book, check out our Patreon page!

We decided to make a Patreon to reward our most loyal readers and supporters. Since we plan on releasing monthly content in the Lunar Insurrection Series and other projects we’re working on, we also wanted to give you the opportunity to jump aboard early and read the follow-up books in the series before they’re released elsewhere.

 By supporting me (and White Raven Chronicles) on Patreon for as little as $3.50 USD a month, you get immediate access to the draft of Lunar Insurrection Book 2 – Melodies of Dragons and the final version later this month before it goes live to the rest of the world. If you stay subscribed, you’ll also get book 3, Academy of Souls, in December!

The Basic tier and beyond also have extra bonuses like acknowledgements in the backs of all our books and more. As White Raven Chronicles grows bigger, we will be adding more bonuses that make the monthly subscription even more worthwhile… including multiple ongoing series!

You’re also supporting independent authors & artists. Once we have enough funding, we can write more books, expand our community, and give back to everyone who makes our dream of writing full-time come true!

Please check out White Raven Chronicles on Patreon or our website to learn more about us and our goals, and either learn how you can contribute or start reading our work!

Thank you so much!



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