A Dragon Will Rise

Wyvern Wars Novellas Book 1

Aihi creates dragons with her hands. Her constructs are animated, and yet lifeless without the essential ingredient of life: a spirit.

Artificial spirits should be impossible. But shortly after she’s made aware of the world-changing discovery, assassins eager to take the artificial spirit strike after her life. They interrupt her wedding plans and endanger her future husband and wife.

Once used, the spirit can’t be separated from its host. She could use the spirit to bring one of her dragons to life and stop the threat. However, she could also heal the damage done to her brother’s spirit when he inadvertently became a war hero.

But what if he doesn’t want to be saved?

A Dragon Will Rise is a supplementary novella occurring after the conclusion of the Yokai Calling series.

Pages: 194
Publishing Date: March 26th, 2022
Publisher: White Raven Chronicles
Imprint: Dragon's Hoard
Edition: 1st edition
eBook ISBN: 978-1-990602-02-3
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-990602-03-0
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-990602-04-7

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Erynn Lehtonen

One day, Erynn’s army of fluffy minions will take over the world. But, well, she hasn’t had any luck animating stuffed animals yet! Ever since graduating with her degree in creative writing from the University of British Columbia, you can usually find her typing away at her next fantasy novel like her life depends on it. Other times, she’s locked inside a book, be that reading about dragons, mythology, folklore, or daydreaming in another fantasy world. She also entertains a “mild” tea obsession and guards her hoard like any bookdragon would. It’s her goal to introduce readers to the complexities of mental illness through the perspectives of lifelike characters in fantasy worlds.

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