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I’ve combined ideas and created new worlds and plots based on my previous works-in-progress. Now, behold… the Yumihari universe!

Spirit of the Dragon, the first novella in the Yokai Calling series, is available for FREE download here.

More updates on the other novellas within the coming months.

 As for my other work-in-progress, Desolace, it has unfortunately been put on hold in favour of giving Wyvern Wars my full attention. I will return to it eventually, although I’ve got my mind no another series idea that fans of Wyvern Wars will love… coming soon!

I WILL get to all the concept art eventually. Don’t worry, guys.

Wyvern Wars

Dragons are gone.

Warlocks are dead.

At least, that’s what everyone thought…


Twins Genshu Hidekazu and Genshu Masanori didn’t think anything else could go wrong in their lives.

After almost two years away from home, Masanori returns despite still struggling with hallucinations from a traumatic past. But upon his arrival, the Shōgun sends him off again on a top-secret mission in enemy territory that’s doomed before it even starts…

As a new graduate from Tsukiko Academy, Hidekazu works directly under the Shōgun’s command. Thriving in an environment that tests the limits of his power, he never doubts his questionable methods of pursuing absolute ki mastery—not until Masanori returns, and the Shōgun makes a request Hidekazu isn’t sure he can fulfil…

And when a dragon steals the Hiryuunoki, a medallion with the power to heal anything for a blood price, the truth is unveiled.

Dragons and warlocks were never truly gone. 

Path of the Warlock, book one of the Wyvern Wars series, is an epic fantasy inspired by selections of Japanese mythology and folklore. 

  • Wyvern Wars: Book One 20% 20%
  • Pre-series: Part one 100% 100%
  • Pre-Series: Part two 100% 100%
  • Pre-series: Part Three 80% 80%
  • Pre-series: Part Four 5% 5%

The Chronic Wastelands

Desolace is the first book of my series The Chronic Wastelands, which is an otherworldly, science fiction and dark fantasy series loaded with political intrigue. The story follows the psychologically damaged Arianne, and through her eyes, we explore different degrees of mental illness and about the ruinous effects that her war-torn world has on its inhabitants.

This series, though it is my ‘baby’ so to speak, is currently a side project, and not a priority. Unfortunately, I do not intend to resume writing until Path of the Warlock sees the light of day.

  • Desolace 5% 5%

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