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Here you can get a glimpse of some of my works in progress. Right now my focus is on the Yokai Calling and Wyvern Wars series, but I will branch out into other side stories and series as time goes on.

I update this page at least once a month, but sometimes more often if I’m making a lot of progress. So if you’re eager to see the status of a project, this is the place to be!

Yokai Calling

My primary Work In Progress right now is the Yokai Calling series. This is a mini-series prefacing the Wyvern Wars books, so these stories lead up to much bigger events that take place in the Yumihari world. In other words, the experiences and actions of the main characters Hidekazu, Masanori, and Aihi have consequences that continue into the next series.

There are four books total in the Yokai Calling series. As of now, Spirit of the Dragon, The Dragon’s Eye, and A Dragon’s Sight are currently available for purchase. The final installment, Blood of Dragons, will come out in mid-2021.

  • Spirit of the Dragon 100% 100%
  • The Dragon’s Eye 100% 100%
  • A Dragon’s Sight 100% 100%
  • Blood of Dragons 100% 100%

Wyvern Wars

I expect there to be between six and nine books in the Wyvern Wars series, depending on how the story develops. In 2021, I intend to draft out the first three books in the series as well as outline the next three. By early 2022, I will have a clearer idea of where the story will go.

The lack of clarity comes from the fact that I have so many ideas that I want to include, but I’m not entirely sure about the timeline yet. Some events might be moved to other series or outside of the main Wyvern Wars timeline. We’ll see where the writing takes me when the time comes!


Book one of the upcoming Wyvern Wars series is Path of the Warlock. This book continues Hidekazu, Masanori, and Aihi’s tale five years after the conclusion of Blood of Dragons. More information will come once I’ve finished Blood of Dragons. 

  • Outline 10% 10%
  • First Draft 10% 10%
  • Second Draft 0% 0%
  • Polishing & Editing 0% 0%
  • Path of the Warlock 5% 5%
  • The Dragon Empress 0% 0%
  • Untitled Book Three 0% 0%

Wyvern Wars Novellas

Because the Yumihari world is so big and I can’t possibly fit everything into those novels, I plan to occasionally supplement the main novels with novellas containing side stories with other characters or any other smaller ideas that come to mind.

Right now, I’m planning one novella for each of the main characters that will fill some gaps between Blood of Dragons and Path of the Warlock, but there will definitely be more in the future.



The first novella on the block is Masanori’s with a planned release of early 2022. More details coming soon.

  • Outline 0% 0%
  • First Draft 0% 0%
  • Second Draft 0% 0%
  • Polishing & Editing 0% 0%
  • The Spirit Sorcerer (Masanori) 0% 0%
  • Untitled Novella (Hidekazu) 0% 0%
  • A Dragon Will Rise (Aihi) 0% 0%

The Chronic Wastelands

Desolace is the first book of my series The Chronic Wastelands, which is an otherworldly, science fiction and dark fantasy series loaded with political intrigue. The story follows the psychologically damaged Arianne, and through her eyes, we explore different degrees of mental illness and about the ruinous effects that her war-torn world has on its inhabitants.

This series is on hold until further notice. We may see an update in 2021 once Wyvern Wars is further along.

  • Desolace 5% 5%

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