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Here you can get a glimpse of some of my works in progress. In 2023 my primary focus will be the Wyvern Wars Saga… but I also have a few other projects in the works!

I update this page at least once a month, but sometimes more often if reach a specific milestone. So if you’re eager to see the status of a project and start guessing when you can get your hands on it, this is the place to be!

Wyvern Wars Saga

FeThe Wyvern Wars Saga follows up on the events of the Yokai Calling series. I’ve been waiting to write this series for YEARS and I’m so excited to finally get to focus on it in 2023! I’m already getting started, and you’re going to LOVE it.

I’m planning for there to be at least 9 primary books in the series. There’s also a high possibility of other spinoff series, short stories, novellas, and so on that explore other scenarios. Those will be added to this page whenever I officially decide to work on something, even if it might be a little ways out from actually being written.

I already have a general idea of what’s going to happen across the entire series, so it’s time to work on the individual books!


    Book one of the upcoming Wyvern Wars Saga is Tower of Serpents and Sacrifice. This book continues Hidekazu, Masanori, and Aihi’s tale five years after the conclusion of Blood of Dragons and about one year after The Spirit Sorcerer.

    It continues the next arc of their wild adventure, filled with demons, dragons, magic, and… quite a few other surprises.

    This is the plan right now:

    • Outline ToSaS by the end of December 2022
    • Start writing ToSaS first draft in the first week of January 2023
    • Pre-order & cover reveal at the end of February

    We’ll see where the draft takes me in January and go from there in terms of expectations! 

    Tower of Serpents and Sacrifice First Draft
    4% Complete
    9,580 of 250,000 words

    • Outline 100% 100%
    • First Draft 3% 3%
    • Second Draft 0% 0%
    • Polishing & Editing 0% 0%
    • 0.1: A Dragon Will Rise 100% 100%
    • 0.2: Pool of Memories and Serpents 100% 100%
    • 0.3: The Spirit Sorcerer 100% 100%
    • 1.0: Tower of Serpents and Sacrifice 1% 1%

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