Yokai Calling: The Complete Series

Yokai Calling Books 1-4

A haunted empire. A wicked sorcerer on the rise. Three teenagers stand between a generation of peace and the creatures of myth seeking retribution for a dark past…

In the shadow of the fallen Warlock Empire, twins Hidekazu and Masanori thrive on tales of their ancestors’ wyvern-slaying, of the wars preceding Seiryuu’s first era of peace in over a thousand years.

But as the Dragon Goddess’ influence wanes, her greatest enemies return. The sorcerer who kidnaps women for a sinister purpose is only the first of many to arrive.

The warrior arts previously forbidden to Hidekazu and Masanori won’t be enough to stop the wyverns, dragons, and mythical spirits rising in search of retribution. Nor will working with the future empress, their adopted sister, who steers Seiryuu’s future from within the palace—and from the head of the battlefield.

Their enemies seek justice not only for the crimes of the Goddess and the Warlock Empire, but also for the sins of Hidekazu and Masanori’s very own clan.

Secrets run in their blood. Facing the tide of war means overcoming the Warlock Empire’s grim history… and the darkness within themselves.

Jump into the world of Yumihari, a land filled with spirits, dragons, monsters, and stunning characters wielding elemental magic to save their homeland. If you love epic fight scenes, mystery and political intrigue, mythology, monsters, and mayhem, all with a touch of progression fantasy, you will love the 1500+ pages of adventure in the Yokai Calling series.

Pages: 818
Publishing Date: November 30th, 2021
Publisher: White Raven Chronicles
Imprint: Dragon's Hoard
Edition: 1st edition
eBook ISBN: 978-1-7778497-9-5
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7778497-8-8
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-990602-07-8

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Erynn Lehtonen

One day, Erynn’s army of fluffy minions will take over the world. But, well, she hasn’t had any luck animating stuffed animals yet! Ever since graduating with her degree in creative writing from the University of British Columbia, you can usually find her typing away at her next fantasy novel like her life depends on it. Other times, she’s locked inside a book, be that reading about dragons, mythology, folklore, or daydreaming in another fantasy world. She also entertains a “mild” tea obsession and guards her hoard like any bookdragon would. It’s her goal to introduce readers to the complexities of mental illness through the perspectives of lifelike characters in fantasy worlds.

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