Mental illness in fantasy worlds


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Spirit of the dragon

After decades of wyvern-slaying in the Dragon Goddess’ name, the Genshu clan swore a vow of peace… until their unruly progenies unveil a sorcerer’s sinister plot.

Blessed with the Goddess’ four elements, Hidekazu is stuck squandering his talents on the defensive arts. A unique opportunity allows him to shed his clan’s peace-loving mantra… if he betrays his twin.

Refusing isn’t an option.

The Goddess denied Masanori of her divine energy, ki. He is Hidekazu’s opposite. Hidekazu should snatch the chance to rise through the ranks of nobility, but instead, he plots a way out.

Yet when a dark sorcerer kidnaps their best friend, Hidekazu can’t escape his future amongst the warrior elite: he must embrace it.

He won’t leave Masanori behind. They will accomplish their dream together, no matter what Hidekazu must sacrifice. Especially if doing so will hide his planned betrayal.

But their kidnapped friend isn’t the sorcerer’s first victim. Nor will she be the last.

Unravelling the truth means involving the twins in a disturbing, century-long game. It’s too late to stop it.

They can only make their first move.

For fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Japanese mythology who like a darker twist to their epic fantasy adventures.

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Hi, I’m Erynn

One day, my army of fluffy minions will take over the world. But, well, I haven’t had any luck animating stuffed animals yet! Ever since graduating with my degree in creative writing from the University of British Columbia, you can usually find me typing away at my next fantasy novel like my life depends on it. Other times, I’m locked inside a book, be that reading about dragons, mythology, folklore, or daydreaming in another fantasy world. I also entertain a “mild” tea obsession and guard my hoard like any bookdragon would. It’s my goal to introduce readers to the complexities of mental illness through the perspectives of lifelike characters in fantasy worlds.

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