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This handy archive will help catch you up on other stories I’ve told in my newsletters over time, especially longer running tales or ones that I don’t go into detail on every week.

Ark Adventures (ongoing)

Part 1 – The Confessions of a Recovering Dinosaur Rider & Bows, Arrows, and Zero Survival Instinct (in a survival game): Spinosaur Edition

Part 2 – You Are Now Entering Drop Cat City

Part 3 – The Premature Death of a Beloved Spinosaurus

Part 4 – But First, We Must Have Wolves

Part 5 – So Long and Thanks for the Megarabies

Part 6 – We’re Going Sky Fishing

Ghostwriting (ongoing)

Part 1 – What is Ghostwriting?

Part 2 – Why Ghostwriting?

Part 3 – A Day in the Life of a Ghostwriter

Dragons of Yumihari (complete, for now)

Part 1 – Sacred Shishajya

Part 2 – Shiraian Dragons

Part 3 – Kagi Dragons

Part 4 – Wyverns & Beasts of Fire


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