Yumihari Compendium

What is Yumihari?

Yumihari is a vast world comprised of ten continents and island chains, two spiritial realms, and inhabited by over one hundred unique nations, six known humanoid races, in addition to humans, mythical creatures, and other sentient races. The size alone should indicate to you that there are many, many stories to come in this world. Most will be interconnected in some way, either through characters, locations, magic, or ideas presented in other books within the world.

What is the Yumihari Compendium?

Within it exists all known and recorded information about Yumihari and its inhabitants. As it is discovered, written down, or recorded in memory, it appears within the Compendium and its archive. Though the Compendium has its origins within the world itself, who made it?

The author, for now, indicates that they will remain anonymous until the time is right. Yet how does one reverse anonymity for a book which is already written and spread across the world? The Compendium itself dates it twenty years after the conclusion of the near-decade-long Wyvern Wars. Wars that have yet to happen.

A Living World

The first copies of the Yumihari Compendium appeared within various temples and shrines across Yumihari where, the day prior, they had not existed. Yet any added entry is reflected upon every book an instant after completion. Who will wield this power to reshape the world?

A millennia ago, Yumihari was moulded by the Dragon Goddess, Shirashi, and the Wyvern God, Ozeki.

Now, the world is shaped by you.

Who are you?

What is your role in this world?

How will you shape its history, legends, myths?

Will you stand by while it falls to chaos and ruins?


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