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    Hi, I’m Erynn lehtonen

    A ghostwriter whose focus has always been on the fantasy and science fiction genres. My professional objective is to bring more stories into the world because I believe everyone has a story to tell.

    But… that has little to do with my personal writing goals. I want to write stories in fantastical worlds that share the perspectives and experiences of people suffering from mental illnesses.

    In the past, I didn’t share anything about these goals on my blog or social media. And though this will change in the near future as I pursue authorship, the Hourglass newsletter will always be the primary outlet (besides my writing!) for my passions and goals.

    It is my hope to build a community around my work. So if you love fantasy and want to hear about the interesting perspectives I have to share around writing, history, and more, maybe my newsletter is for you.

    And if you don’t know, well, what’s it hurt to give it a shot?


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