The War of Remembering


Are you the hero, or the villain?

In a world of globalization and war, we risk homogenization of culture, history, and ethnicity. Fear breeds irrationality and people forget we are all human. The War of Remembering seeks to unite history, mythology, and fantasy with an appreciation of Japanese and Dine culture and suffering with the short story “The Shadow” and the hybrid poem/short story “Gods Fall Before Dreams.”

In the aftermath of the atomic bombings in World War Two, “Gods Fall Before Dreams” blends the fear and mourning of the trickster figures Ma’ii, Susano-ō, kitsune, and chironnup to tell the tale of another trickster, Genbaku, who was never born.

“The Shadow” follows a Japanese superhero-turned-supervillain pursuing the freedom of his countrymen in a dystopic America where extermination camps evolve from the internment camps from his childhood.

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