Mental illness in fantasy worlds

Spirit of the Dragon



An engineer craving to become a warrior. A majyu with his future bound in filial piety… and a dark sorcerer who steals women into the night.

Hidekazu and Masanori Genshu are obliged by oath to never fight. They swore their lives to defend, giving up the Genshu family’s warrior legacy as their parents did before them. Hidekazu is the family’s dutiful scion, preparing to take his father’s place, and Masanori studies as a ki-engineer, carving himself a future in a world that looks down on those unable to access the Goddess’ power: ki.

Both brothers dream of reclaiming their birthright, of becoming the greatest warriors the world has ever seen. Yet they do not dare go against their parents’ philosophies.

Until a dark sorcerer kidnaps their best friend, and they learn she is only one of many.

Noblewomen aren’t safe in Tsukiko anymore. Not when the Goddess herself can’t protect them from the sorcerer whose corrupted ki twists the laws of nature. And when Aihi, the Dragon Princess, tries to fight back, forces beyond her control halt her investigation before it begins.

Hidekazu and Masanori expend all other options. They must learn to fight, even if it means betraying their parent’s ideals, Aihi’s trust, and surrendering the life they’ve always dreamed of. Otherwise, the good they swore to protect will fall beneath the fist of darkness, their friends with it.

Masa and Hide’s journey begins in Spirit of the Dragon, the first of four novellas prefacing the Wyvern Wars series: an epic fantasy adventure inspired by selections of Japanese mythology and folklore.


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Hi, I’m Erynn

I’m amassing an army of fluffy minions to take over the world. Currently at 42 and counting, but progress stalled because I haven’t figured out soul transmutation. In the meantime, I entertain a “mild” tea obsession and write epic fantasy. It’s my goal to introduce readers to the complexities of mental illness through the perspectives of lifelike characters in fantasy worlds.

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