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my services


Story Outlining

Let’s discuss your ideas and define the progression of your story. After, I will create a comprehensive outline for a full-fledged novel, serial, or short story.

Novel Writing

I will write an entire fantasy or science fiction novel for you.  We can base the story on an outline and world you’ve already created, or discuss making something new.


Short Story Writing

Short stories are great for experimenting with new content. I will develop your smaller ideas and capture your characters and world in a short, compelling story.


Serial Story Writing

Regular, staggered story releases catch peoples’ attention. Serials could be a few episodes or the length of multiple novels, depending on the story you want to tell.


Line Editing

Every manuscript needs a professional edit. I will read your story and check each section line-by-line so every sentence and paragraph flows perfectly into the next.

Developmental Editing

I will advise you on the flow of your story throughout the course of the novel. If there is a plot hole or missing element, I will find it for you and leave personalized suggestions.

About Me

I am a third-year student at the University of British Columbia: Okanagan, studying for a bachelor’s in creative writing. I run my ghostwriting business, Erynn Lehtonen Writing, to help write stories that might otherwise be left untold.

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